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The episode was written by Donick Cary and Dan Greaney, while Jim Reardon served as director.It was one of the last episodes written in its production line, and its title is a reference to the war film 30 Seconds Over Tokyo.In fact, to celebrate the release of Disney Pixar’s ' Finding Dory' in cinemas 16 June, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is offering kids of all ages the chance to become ocean explorers on an underwater Finding Dory adventure!An interactive quiz trail will entertain the kids as they learn about conservation and protecting Dory’s home, as well as the easy things they can do to help preserve our reefs and coastlines and why it’s important to go to your local ZAA-accredited aquarium or zoo to enjoy our saltwater fish friends.Then at the age of ten, the twins began performing live under the name Black Question Mark.But Tokio Hotel didn’t become a band until the twins turned 12.Bill and Tom Kaulitz are the hot emo rockers from Tokio Hotel. Growing up in Madgeberg, Germany, Bill and Tom Kaulitz always knew they’d be playing music together.In fact, Bill and Tom started writing songs together when they were only seven years old!

Fizzy Tomlinson répond aux rumeurs en vidéo et c'est bien drôle ! fan2: Bonjour les garçons, c’est super de vous parler à nouveau, comment allez-vous ? fan2: Ça va super, merci, même s’il ne fait pas beau… On a vraiment beaucoup aimé cette tournée, c’était sans doute celle qu’on a préférée depuis le début de notre carrière. On savait avant même d’avoir écrit un nouvel album qu’on voulait revenir sur scène, parce qu’on veut partager notre musique en live avant tout, donc ça va être génial !

Georg and Gustav offered to join the band and the rest is history.

The twin brothers are identical but sometimes it’s hard to tell because they both have such unique styles! He often wears baggy jeans, oversized hats and a bandana tied around his long dreadlocks. He wears dark eyeliner and keeps his hair long and spiky like an anime character. He designs his own stage costumes, collects suspenders and had hundreds of jackets in his closet!

Sans plus attendre, on vous dévoile tout ce qu'ils nous ont dit en exclu.

Sauf si ce n'est pas trop votre tasse de thé, pas de panique, on a ce qu'il vous faut : Des potins !

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Autre bonne nouvelle : Les Tokio Hotel seront bientôt de retour en France !