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Enlisting grime heavyweights P Money, Big Narstie and Boy Better Know duo Solo 45 and Jme, this one is huge – couple that with bars from Stormzy spliced between each verse and you’ve got deadly combination.[Intro: Sparkz] 4 Fucking 10 Niggas Know Fuck the Opps [Verse 1: Sparkz] Came to your strip Everybody ran Rounds with the mob Niggas get spun Kick down doors Heard you're the plug Take man's food Thanks very much Fuck shanks man I like big guns Mash in my jeans ten toes on my ones Owe me Ps? For reasons only the #ubervictims know, let’s refer to the villain of this story as Mike#2.I was raised by a working class single mom who taught me to work hard, be kind to others and contribute to the society in any way I can." That brudda there's got no jewels Someone tell him, this is only healthy bredding Bitch, I'mma do it like wholemeal, shut ya mout Because your team's wack Couldn't even get me on a loan deal Man are like fam, P, man that bread line's mad I just got it, that's cold still, can't tell me jack Stab who in the back?Get the blood and your flow spilled, man don't wanna clash Man wanna go back to back, 4 wheels on a man, that's roadkill, mad [Stormzy] Mad, man can't text me again, tryna make dark skin sexy again It's mad, man can't text me again, tryna make dark skin- [Verse 4: Jme] When I write bars, I'm like an OG in jail cause man start panic when I buss out the pen Me and P still here, you left then came back fam, you'll duss out again Violations, not today rude girl, fall back, go suck out your friend You just tested the leng, serious, please don't vex me again Mad, everybody thinks they're bad, trigger fingers on You Tube and that When man used to wear them Fisher Price skates Is the only time that you roll with a strap, sad Mandem gone mad, I'm not on this designer fad Won't see me spend a bag on their LV bag Won't spend a bag on their MCM bag Fam, if you've got beef with the man, back it up, don't just talk, Ps in the bank Make sure you are the Dan at stacking up paper or you will need a plan Do not listen to man that's wrapping up more of them scores, he don't understand If he thinks he's nang, man will slap him up for them thoughts Blam!Once you are matched, the painful private conversation can begin and the rest is up to you. Right swipe: worth the gamble it wasn’t the ugly duckling. Not least that the British gap-year student appears to have done more cultural damage to -Vietnam lately than the Americans ever achieved. It wasn’t the ‘look at sensitive me with African orphan’ pictures that annoyed me the most.Tinder claims to have made 100 million matches so far, and says that there have been 50 proposals of marriage, though let’s not pretend it’s all chocolate boxes and roses. Female friends who are regular users report grossly impertinent demands for nude pictures and/or sex almost as soon as matches have been made. Bungee-jumping or photos of you stroking a drugged-up tiger on your gap year: bad. The bikini shots often seem wildly misleading when you click on the additional photos, but who has time for that? Nor was it the beach star-jump action shots; nor the Machu Picchu/-facing away from the camera scenery shot.

Instead of the joy of chatting up a total stranger in public, welcome to the seedy world of Tinder, the i Phone app that’s been lowering sexual standards since 2012 in the US, but has recently swept London. You choose a picture of yourself, indicate your sexual preference, and you’re away.Wanted a sandwich but this fat bitch tried tell man that she ain't got no bread Get me mad, autogas Fuck up everyone in Greggs Kick 'em with the doughnuts and the yum yums Nothing in this shop is blessed Yeah I'm from south but mandem know I'm mad in my Birmingham head This boy's flow, woah, that is totally effed Dem man are bread, baguettes, I'm a bloomer Haven't these mandem know this yet?Nanu nanu, Mork and Mindy, way up there Sci-fi, like Babylon 5, man know that I shit on guys Beam me up Scotty, down here's dead, they ain't got no more vibe [Stormzy] Spliff in the club, what d'you mean I can't smoke? Bun down the dance then I send man home You can check my bros [Verse 3: P Money] Yo, see me on the road with my bros Feds couldn’t make me chat Never had a whip, never had Ps for a cab Man never gave me jack Then I hit a lick, gave man food on the tick And man never paid me back Caught him in East, he was tryna cop something cheap Beat him up in TK Maxx Mess with the fam, I'll go jail for my brother like I'm Scofield You better change that tone still Pulling out tools, this is a real ting, this is no drill Real ting, this is no drill One girl said "why don't you work with artists?Given that smartphones have encroached on every other aspect of our lives, it was only a matter of time before we sunk low enough to surrender our most base instincts to our palm-held masters.Well, congratulations humanity, you’ve gone and done it: you no longer have to leave your house to casually survey eye-candy and make that silent personal decision on first sight — would you or wouldn’t you?

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say that to my face leave man on the pavement Juice man then I bill up the pin-head amm to the face and my amm needs patience I just wan crash Sykes tell em move hella amm, if you see me better run like Flash Run a man down with a pole, send nuff corn in a opp boy's back (nuff) Click-clack-bow, six good shots, spinal cracked Come to your block, ramsey or pole, do man proper then ghost Back to the ends on my own (OJ) Phone up wrap for a bit, phone up wrap for a box of the cro' Trap and bang, my head's hella hot and my heart's hella cold [Verse 2: Y.