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Ariana Jackson is getting married and wants to resto From the New York Times bestselling author of the Library Lover’s Mysteries and Death of a Mad Hatter comes a tale of hat shop owners who put a cap on crime.

Ariana Jackson is getting married and wants to restore her mother’s bridal hat and veil for the occasion.

What could she mean that she didn't have time for dating? If you have seen it as only a search for the love of your life, then I want you to make some shifts in your thinking.

A client will take this practice, along with homework assignments and find ways to integrate change in their every day life. I don't kick your butt, but I am the "kick in the butt" you will appreciate in the long run.If only his different colored eyes, penchant for wearing slippers and totally irreverent sense of humor didn't turn her inside out every time she sees him!Will is cautious where women are concerned, after all, his ex-wife inconveniently decided to become a lesbian and leave him for his sister!Marley Cartman is fed up with arrogant rich guys who treat her like garbage, so she vows to only date men with modest paychecks and a little dirt under their nails. Characters I loved hanging with during my precious reading time? You can always count on Fenske for a fun read, and Frisky Business is no exception--best mental vacation I've had in a long time. Grab your favorite beverage, kick back, and enjoy the escape!Her new boss, William Barclay, is exactly the kind of man she's trying to avoid: an eccentric millionaire with duct shape shoes and an unexplained vendetta against her. Laughing has never been so sexy in FRISKY BUSINESS, the newest book by the very funny Tawna Fenske.

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The ultimate goal is for a client to become more self-assured and confident in their approaching and dating skill set.