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Dirty free sex chats in hong kong

We have our own government, currency, even football team!

'Another added: 'I like you, but sorry, Hong Kong is Hong Kong. 'An hour after making the post, David had changed his posts to read: 'Great 48 hours in Shanghai and Hong Kong.' However, some fans were shocked to see that the footballer had changed his caption, as they pointed out that Hong Kong is part of China.

When the escalator suddenly changed direction, almost everyone shifted to the left and grabbed onto the handrail for stability.

As the machine started going down, it sped up, causing shoppers to pile onto each other at the foot of the escalator.

One social media user wrote: 'Why edited your post?

You were absolutely correct, Hong Kong is undoubtedly part of China (Just Google Hong Kong handover ceremony lol).

Not a great fan of 'friend collectors', C'mon ..it's a rational ?

When the upward escalator malfunctioned, people travelling downstairs ran to get on to firm ground.

Both directions slowed to a halt and some shoppers tried to get upstairs by walking up the stationary escalator.

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The retired footballer, 41, spent time in the Shanghai and Hong Kong over the weekend, sharing a photo montage that he captioned: 'Great 48 hours in China'.

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