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Dating a homeless guy

You see that person in several other social settings and you start getting to know one another, and then you find that you are emotionally attracted to him/her. A person is defined by the way they are and treat you, not by the home in which they live in.

Then when you meet up in a one on one situation, you find out that this person (although well dressed, well groomed, intelligent, and emotionally stable) lives in a homeless shelter... Everyone goes through hard times, no reason to abandon someone because of their hardships. Seriously, if he's just had a turn of bad luck and was out on the streets then I'd have no problem in dating him if we were "soul mates" or really seemed to hit it off on so many levels.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. First, I'll take him shopping and buy him a nice wardrobe, clean him up, and mold him into the man I want him to be.

AT this point, its the only option I have left How offensive.

“I met Jason in November 1991 in Waterstones in Bath, where I lived.

I was 25 and an underwear designer for Bentwoods in Bristol, supplying Marks & Spencer.

I created a witty profile, uploaded a few pics, answered some obscure questions on things like math equations and creationism which were apparently supposed to help OKC find my dream man ... Until one day, when a funny message from an OKC user Mike* caught my eye.

Upon viewing his profile, I saw that he was also a fan of Bukowski, liked cats (a must) and worked as an editor, like myself.

If you meet someone that might be a possible partner, it's only natural to want them to have a nice house and everything that goes with it.I'd even let him live with me BUT he has got to eventually get a job to help pay the bills.And if he looked like that pic, he might not even have to work. :0) But if he is homeless just because he has a high IQ and doesn't think he should have to work or feel it's beneath him then no.Not all homeless people look like what you might think...Imagine that you are in a social setting, and you meet a nice guy or girl that you find that you are physically attracted to him/her.

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