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Datagrid rowupdating event

This is possible with new property Data Source ID which allows performing paging, sorting and all database operations directly with the Data Source.

For example, Grid View can directly update, delete and perform paging, sorting with a sqldatasource with out any custom code.

The WPF Data Grid has really got me interested to develop line-of-Business application, and I continue using it in different implementations.

Read more at WPF: Two way Text Box Binding and WPF 4: Using Object Data Provider for Data Binding.

The target-row for an UPDATE or a DELETE statement is identified by The WHERE clause.We will be using the same checkbox for deleting rows from the Data Grid.To complete the Delete operation, the XAML code also defines a Button element called btn Delete.The below table is a comparision table of the ERP software books listing all the important highlights of the books. The highlights listed gives a snapshot of the features.See the contents pages of the books for a detailed listing.

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It is therefore not possible to map returned stored procedure output parameters, or a result set, back to the row being inserted or updated, as is possible for Microsoft SQL server (see Recipe 4.2).

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